The Royal London T&O Experience

Royal London Hospital

I visited the Royal London Hospital for a taster week in the Trauma and Orthopaedics department and this is a summary of my experience there. This department is famous for its excellent trauma care, research and exceptional training. It is a popular choice among trainees. As a CT1 from a DGH, I often noticed a sudden respect for trainees who have hiked the 10 floors of the Royal London and held the 45674. This piqued my interest and I had to find out for myself.

My week started off in the theatre room. The theatre experience was something I have never experienced before. What was remarkable about this list was the intraoperative discussion between the registrars. They discussed different techniques and recent evidence on why their proposed technique would be more suitable even for the more complicated cases. This was telling of the fact that not only did these exceptional surgeons know the operative technique well, but they were well versed with the recent evidence revolved around each case. I witnessed a very healthy balance of competition and comradery that makes a team deliver the best. I was quickly taken into this group, they talked me through everything, explained all steps and even anticipated my questions. 

The theatre environment was a good reflection of the trauma meetings. There were stirring discussions, each patient was given focused attention and the best plan was voted for. The nursing team actively contributed to each case. Their passion for serving these patients seemed to have not wavered in the slightest even though some have been there for more than a decade. They excelled with trauma lists that dragged longer than a medical ward round and nothing seemed to phase them. Every day, the team deal with unimaginable volumes, smile through it and come through to the other side galivanting with impeccable X-rays and successful outcomes. I could see each member of the team pursuing excellence. If I could think of a phrase to best describe this team it would be “the extra mile”. This team relentlessly gives their patients the best, every day, 365 days.

Team Member Placeholder

What tied everything beautifully together was that the Trauma and orthopaedic team in The Royal London are one big family all with the motive to do what’s best for the patient.

Overall, I think my taster week was a career changing week. I say this not only because I am more determined to pursue Trauma and Orthopaedics as a higher speciality, but I believe I have imbibed the culture of Royal London Hospital. I can now finally understand why The Royal London Hospital is looked up to and is the Mecca of Trauma care.


Blog written by S. Saleem
CT1 Salisbury District Hospital


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