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Simulation, Virtual Reality & Non-technical skills

The Simulation Centre was established in 2012 and is a state-of-the-art facility providing high quality non-technical and technical skills training for Orthopaedic Surgeons and Allied Health Professionals.

We have a fully-immersive simulation theatre with debriefing rooms and audiovisual capabilities, as well as a haptic facility with state of the art virtual reality arthroscopic and trauma simulators.

Bone & Joint Health

Our Courses

Barts Orthopaedics Simulation Series (BOSS)

A week long course to learn the Fundamentals of Arthroscopic Surgery Training (FAST), as well as further in depth training in virtual reality shoulder and knee arthroscopy and trauma procedures.

Orthopaedic Non-Technical Skills Course

So much of surgical training is focussed upon core knowledge and the technical aspects of procedures and operations. Whilst those are important, how we interact with our peers, how we respond to stress and our ability to see beyond our immediate task-focus, are completely under-emphasised in modern surgical training.  Non-technical skills are about exploring emotional intelligence (EQ).  A lot of it is about knowing yourself and knowing how YOU tend to respond to stressful, difficult or awkward situations that might make you feel uncomfortable.  For example, how willing are you to challenge other peoples’ bad behaviour when it manifests?  How do you manage the underperforming colleague?  What are you like in an emergency? The Barts Bone and Joint, NTS course explores human factors in a scenario-based, simulated setting, based out of our Sim-Facility.   It’s fun, non-judgey and some of the scenarios are literally toe-curling and hilarious! It’s an enlightening course and everyone comes away having learned something useful about themselves.

Fundamentals of Arthroscopic Surgery Training (FAST) Programme

A virtual reality course using the VirtaMed ArthroS simulator tailored for you to learn basic arthroscopic skills in preparation for complex procedures in the real operating room.

FRCS (Tr & Orth) Trauma viva course

Trauma is one of the cornerstones of the FRCS-ortho viva assessment but it is a large topic and can seem a bit overwhelming. This course is designed to ease the anxiety around trauma vivas, consolidating core knowledge as well as improving viva technique. We run some short, punchy lectures in the mornings, covering common scenarios, such as Resuscitation, Polytrauma, Ortho-vascular injuries, Open fractures etc.   We emphasise how to draw some of the key diagrams, such as the dreaded tension-band, working length and modes of plating.  We also run talks on how to viva well, how to organise your thoughts on the fly and injecting enthusiasm into your responses.  Afternoons are all about applying your knowledge with viva practice sessions.

Preparation for Trauma & Orthopaedics practical course – 30th September 2023

The Practical Orthopaedics Course is held every year at the The Royal London Hospital, our Major Trauma Centre. It covers the core knowledge and practical skills required during an Orthopaedic on-call shift. Whilst it is aimed at SHO level doctors, it is also ideally suited to physician associates, nurse practitioners and ED docs who are wanting to learn essential orthopaedic ED skills. Delegates come from all over the country and our faculty members all have a keen interest in teaching and education. There are drills, saw bones, short punchy lectures, injections and plenty of plaster of Paris!

Bone Joint Health

ST3 Interview Course

The Percivall Pott ST3 interview course is aimed at trainees applying for a national training number in Trauma & Orthopaedics. It covers all aspects of the national selection process with a combination of small group teaching, practical dry bone sessions and simulated interview cycles. Our faculty is made up of consultants on the national selection panel and registrars who have ranked highly in previous years. Previous delegates have found the course invaluable in preparation for the interview with the top ranked trainees for the past 3 years gaining a Percivall Pott training number.



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Simulation Fellowship

This yearlong fellowship is based at the Barts Health Education Academy at The Royal London Hospital site where the fellow works alongside the multidisciplinary simulation faculty.

Fellows will be trained in effective teaching and debriefing techniques as well as the use of the virtual reality simulators in the haptic facility. They will join faculty on multi-disciplinary courses such as Train the Trainer and Trauma Team Member and they will be expected to make use of research opportunities and the scope to develop their own courses.

Fellows are expected to deliver several courses per year and contribute to the clinical rota at the The Royal London Hospital. Orthopaedic trainees of all grades are welcome to apply.

Orthopaedic Simulation Fellowship

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