Research Overview

a clear mission

Generating high impact research

Our focus is delivering research that can improve the effectiveness of clinical care. Our research is interdisciplinary and spans all areas of trauma and orthopaedic care. Working closely with the pragmatic clinical trials unit we develop clinical research studies that evaluate the effectiveness of current treatments in the NHS; we partner with industry to bring effective new treatments into everyday care and make use of health information that is routinely collected to help us answer key questions.

A message from our chair

Xavier Griffin

Welcome to Bone & Joint Health.

Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of people with bone & joint disorders and injuries.

Barts Health NHS Trust has a long and distinguished history dating back to the 12th Century and continues to grow.  Barts and the London Charity funded the establishment of a new academic trauma and orthopaedic unit in August 2020.  Starting something new is incredibly exciting and gives us a unique opportunity – to build a world-class team around our four core values.

Transforming how we do research is central to our mission, we need to test treatments faster and more economically so that we can accelerate improvements in clinical care. Our emphasis on developing large scale studies and collaborations in bone & joint health will allow for bigger trials completed in a shorter time frame.

More critical than any one of our studies is inspiring the next generation of clinical researchers who will keep our organisation and values at the forefront of research. Our home-grown mentoring program and initiatives to bring clinicians’ ideas to a reality will foster talent and inspire others to keep driving forward.

our core

Research Activities

Clinical Trials

Working with our partners in the Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit we are developing innovative clinical trials to answer key questions in bone & joint health. Our focus is on efficient trial design which means we can answer more questions quickly and therefore accelerate evidence-based changes in patient care.

Big data

We are maximising the opportunity to use routinely collected data to answer questions and evaluate patient outcomes. Through successfully joining the European Health Data & Evidence Network we are developing collaborations in big data research.

Systematic Reviews

Xavier Griffin is the coordinating editor of the Cochrane Bone, Joint and Muscle Trauma Group. Cochrane produces high quality reviews of research so that decision making in healthcare is based on the best research evidence.

Co Production of research

We understand that in order to deliver research excellence that has global impact, co-production is key. Working alongside patients and members of the public is at the core of every research project undertaken/overseen by us.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

With access to leading research methodologists, a life sciences campus, bio-engineers and world leaders in inflammation and osteoarthritis research, we are developing collaborations across the School of Medicine and Dentistry to tackle multiple issues affecting those with bone and joint conditions. We work with orthopaedic colleagues who are leaders in their fields across the UK and beyond.

research training

We are committed to providing outstanding education in orthopaedic surgery at all levels – undergraduate and medical students, surgical residents, Masters and PhD students, fellows, young clinician scientists, and early career researchers. Our teaching programme for the two resident rotations (Pott & RLH) takes place monthly.


If you would like to find out more about opportunities to drive our research, please email us.