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MSc (Epidemiology), MSc (Dementia), BSc (Neuroscience and Mental Health)

Stefanny is a researcher from Ecuador, currently working with Dr. Katie Sheehan to develop and test the feasibility of a stratified approach to rehabilitation after hip fracture. She thoroughly enjoys the research process, working with public and patient representatives to create research that is based on evidence and theory to improve health care for all. Stefanny holds an MSc in Dementia Research from the University College of London, where she focused on the experience of UK based Latin Americans caring for relatives living with dementia.

 During her MSc in Epidemiology at the University of Oxford, she explored the association between universal health coverage and poverty in developing countries. She is interested in health inequalities and older people health, and is experienced in both quantitative and qualitative methods. Beyond academic studies, she has conducted projects with the private sector to understand the impact of a charity focused on stem cell and bone marrow donations, and how to best provide home care for older people in Ecuador. In her spare time, she has volunteered her time to support people experiencing deprivation and violence.

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Rehabilitation after hip fracture: the Stratify-Hip trial

Rehabilitation after hip fracture: the Stratify-Hip trial

Structured Tailored Rehabilitation After Hip Fragility Fracture: The ‘STRATIFY-HIP’ Feasibility Randomised Controlled Trial BackgroundGlobally, an estimated 4.5 million people will fracture their hip in 2050. Even with surgery, 30% of patients die within a year. Among...

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Multidisciplinary team healthcare professionals’ perceptions of current and optimal acute rehabilitation, a hip fracture example: A UK qualitative interview study informed by the Theoretical Domains Framework.

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Effectiveness of exercise rehabilitation interventions on depressive symptoms in older adults post hip fracture: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

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Experience of UK Latin Americans caring for a relative living with dementia: A qualitative study of family carers.

Guerra S, James T, Rapaport P, Livingston G.

Stefanny Guerra

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