Katie Sheehan

Professor of rehabilitation

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Chair-elect, Scientific Committee of the Global Fragility Fracture Network  

Chair of the Royal College of Physicians Falls and Fragility Fracture Audit Programme Scientific and Publications Committee 

Associate Editor for BMC Geriatrics 

Member of the NIHR Health and Social Care Delivery Committee 

Member of the Royal Osteoporosis Society’s Research and Innovations Grant panel 

Fellow of the UK Young Academy

Fellow of the Young Academy of Europe

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BSc, DipStat, PhD, fHEA, mCSP

Professor Sheehan is a physiotherapist and health services researcher. Her research focuses on improving access to and delivery of quality rehabilitation to optimise outcomes of fragility fractures in older adults. She has a strong track record in secondary analysis of linked audit data, qualitative interview studies, and complex intervention development to meet this focus.

Professor Sheehan is available for predoctoral, doctoral and postdoctoral supervision in the fields of bone and joint health, rehabilitation, and health services research.

Professor Sheehan has published over 60 peer-reviewed journal articles and been awarded more than £1.9 million as lead in grant funding from UKRI, NIHR, and charities for her research. Her teams work on early mobility and access to physiotherapy after hip fracture surgery has informed quality improvement initiatives both nationally and internationally. Her subsequent work led to the development of the ‘Stratify-Hip’ algorithm to risk stratify patients after hip fracture. This algorithm is now being used to inform a stratified approach to rehabilitation within the UK’s National Health Service.


Professor Sheehan facilitated the establishment of TROOP (Trauma Rehabilitation (orthopaedic) for Older People), a Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement Group whose mission is to support patient and carer informed research to improve the lives of older people who have experienced orthopaedic trauma.

Research interests:

  1. Access, delivery and outcomes of rehabilitation after fragility fracture
  2. Stratified approaches to rehabilitation
  3. Observational data analysis (competing risk, prediction modelling, causal inference)
  4. Qualitative interview studies
  5. Development of complex interventions

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Rehabilitation after hip fracture: the Stratify-Hip trial

Rehabilitation after hip fracture: the Stratify-Hip trial

Structured Tailored Rehabilitation After Hip Fragility Fracture: The ‘STRATIFY-HIP’ Feasibility Randomised Controlled Trial BackgroundGlobally, an estimated 4.5 million people will fracture their hip in 2050. Even with surgery, 30% of patients die within a year. Among...

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Development and validation of multivariable prediction models for in-hospital death, 30-day death, and change in residence after hip fracture surgery, and the ‘stratify-hip’ algorithm.

Goubar A, Martin F, Sackley C, Foster N, Ayis S, Gregson C, Cameron ID, Walsh N, and Sheehan KJ.

Discharge after hip fracture surgery by mobilisation timing: secondary analysis of the UK National Hip Fracture Database.

Sheehan KJ, Goubar A, Almilaji O, Martin FC, Potter C, Jones GD, Sackley C, Ayis S.

Inequity in rehabilitation interventions after hip fracture: a systematic review.

Sheehan KJ, Fitzgerald L, Hatherley S, Potter C, Ayis S, Martin FC, Gregson CL, Cameron ID, Beaupre LA, Wyatt D, Milton-Cole R.

Physiotherapists’ perspectives of barriers and facilitators to effective community provision after hip fracture: A qualitative study in England.

Adams J, Jones G, Sadler E, Guerra S, Sobolev B, Sackley C, Sheehan KJ.

Katie Sheehan

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