Jessica Pawson

Pre-Doctoral Clinical ACADEMIC FELLOW at Bone and Joint Health

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Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

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Bsc Physiotherapy, MCSP

Jessica is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with experience working in clinical research in Orthopaedics and Muscukosketal. She has been working in East London as a Physiotherapist for 9 years, helping patients with injuries, disabilities and chronic pain. Jessica has been interested in how factors such as poverty, social class and ethnicity can impact our health and particularly impacts the ability of people in East London to engage in activity and prevent Musculoskeletal problems.



She was recently awarded a Fellowship (Pre-doctoral Clinical Academic Fellowship, PCAF) from the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) to build a doctoral application looking at how people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds engage with physiotherapy. She is currently building her ideas along with other professionals, patients and the public. If you have had experiences in these areas and would be interested in talking to her then please get in touch. 

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A single center observational study of the incidence, frequency and timing of critical care physiotherapy intervention during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rich J, Coman M, Sharkey A, Church D, Pawson J, Thomas A.

Self-reported bio-psycho-social factors partially distinguish rotator cuff tendinopathy from other shoulder problems and explain shoulder severity: A case-control study.

Delen M, Şendil A, Kaux JF, Pedret C, Le Sant G, Pawson J, Miller SC, Birn-Jeffery A, Morrissey D.

Self-reported bio-psycho-social factors partially distinguish patellar tendinopathy from other knee problems and explain severity in jumping athletes: A case–control study.

Tayfur, A., Sendil, A., Sezik, A.C., Jean-François, K., Sancho, I., Le Sant, G., Donmez, G., Duman, M., Tayfur, B., Pawson, J., Uzlasir, S., Miller, S.C., Screen, H. and Morrissey, D.

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